Our faculty members are active in various academic fields, some of them serving as expert members in academic institutions and associations, including the Provincial Senior Academic Title Review Committee for Colleges, the Foreign Language Group, the Provincial Senior Translator Review Committee, and the Provincial Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association and the TECT Examination Board, to name a few.

The school attaches great importance to international cooperation and communication. We regularly invite professors and experts from both home and abroad to offer courses and special lectures to students and teachers. And we also send teachers to visit and communicate with the well-known higher learning institutions in China and also in foreign countries including the U.K., U.S., Russia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. International communication helps to open our minds and broaden our horizons. The school benefits from the support of those highly-qualified and well-recognized scholars in teaching and research in the areas of foreign language studies.

The faculties are also actively participating in influential high-end domestic and international events like the West Forum, Sichuan International TV Festival, international convention of the NPC Budgeting Affairs Commission, and the UN Poverty Relief Project in Aba and Guangyuan. They provide translating and interpreting services for these activities, making their own contribution to the local economic and social development.