The major goal of School of Foreign Languages for Business is to cultivate qualified students that are excellent in both business and foreign language by setting up high level curriculums. To achieve that goal, efforts have been made by School of Foreign Languages for Business in the following areas: in terms of professional training, the School provides students with systemic financial knowledge and language training; in terms of liberal arts education, the School aims to teach students to be innovative and able to conduct cross-cultural communication; finally, in terms of campus life, the School helps students build their characters, including leadership and coordination skills,   making them well-rounded persons.

Our students have won excellent prizes. Wang Xiyan and Li Qingnan won the Champion of FLTRP Cup of National Debate Tournament, and Wang Xiyan as the Best Debater in 2002. Li Qing won second place in CCTV Cup of National English Speech Contest in 2004. Qu Shuwen and Xu Yu won the third prize of FLTRP Cup of National Debate Tournament in 2007. And our students have won dozens of prizes in other nationwide English contests, such as national reading contests, national writing contest, national debating contest, Business English practice contests, and Han Suyin Translation Contest.